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I was showing my art to our cleaner in work today and she looked me dead in the eye 100% serious and told me I should be in hollywood or something and if that isn’t just the sweetest thing I don’t know what is

I mean damn I cant even explain how far off she was I mean I’m like mediocre at best but still what a sweet thing to say! > w < and she was just so enthusiastic about my art, she was all like ‘your parents must be so proud of you’ ‘you shouldn’t be working here' and man its just so weird to get that kinda response I was totally taken aback I actually got a little choked up haha

ooh are you still doing requests? if so, how about a mermaid feferi o:

hell yea i am I WILL NEVER STOP as long as people keep requesting cute girls that is hehe

sorry for the lack of colour i got lazy QAQ

I’m really in an OC mood recently ; A ; its my own fault really, I can’t seem to get into a fandom right now I miss you Homestuck

ahhh you’ve drawn sooo many characters in like a day o u o their all so cute e w e

its actually really refreshing! Usually I go so slowly and spend ages fixing little details so it’s nice to just do a sketch and just leave it at that for once ouo although as a result they all look a little… off i guess? im still happy with them though u w u

could you maybe draw jane? ;v;

Indeed I can! u w u 

Lolita roxy lalonde?

oh man i spent way too long on this sketch but OMG WHAT AN IDEA

hello! would you mind doing a request of Mami from Madoka Magica ?? Thanks !!

hell yea mami is so cute how can I say no ouo

Dave strider maybe? I think I only seen you draw me a few times. haha. If not maybe Vriska? uwu

Its kinda sad how little I draw dave when he is pretty much my fav beta kid QAQ but here you go~


ahhh i knew the new girl’d drive you insane at some point hope tomorrows not too bad

I dont want to go into it right now but yeah shes killing me haha

And Its a bank holiday tomorrow silly! So I’m not back in until Tuesday u w u plenty of time to plan my revenge

Ugh I’m taking a break from drawing today because I had a super awful day at work and I just wanna lay down and watch some dumb anime 

But on the subject of the favourite character requests, I am still doing them! I will do pretty much every one I get, although they may take a while gomen! I should be back on the PC and drawing by tomorrow so hopefully I wont keep people waiting ages haha

Could you draw please Gaius from Fire Emblem Awakening?

hell yea i can! especially since he looks hella cute ewe  

Hi there. I'd like to place a request please. :) so by chance are you familiar with Yu-gi-oh the first series? if so, do you think you can draw Joey Wheeler, a blond boy from the show, but dressed as a fairy tale prince? what do you think?

oh man yu-gi-oh was the bEST I wanted to marry Seto Kaiba so bad omg

and I have made an attempt! although yu-gi-oh hair is killer like hOW EVEN DOES IT WORK

I’m in the mood to sketch so if you want to shoot me a message of your favorite character and I’ll try to sketch them! It’ll probably just be a headshot but it should still be fun image